Comic Cookout Seven

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The 7th Comic Genesis Cookout has come to an end — thanks to everyone who made it out to Corn Country! If you didn't make it this year, you missed:

  • Getting nauseated after being spun around like mad by a group of kids at Waworth Park
  • Trying out Nuclear Jerky at the Old Market
  • Seeing Dragons and sleeping Lemurs at the Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Getting a sugar high at the Old Market Candy Shop and Ted & Wally's Ice Cream
  • Flying the Ghetto Kite
  • Defeating the Chicken Stilleto and retrieving our post-apocalytpic ice cream
  • Waffles amidst a giant dart war

Until next year, add your own Cookout Memories down at the official Thread in the forums.

If you didn't come to the 2009 cookout, you missed:

  • Devouring copious amounts of candy (both salted and not)
  • Igniting passions that only can be fueled by a proper Nerf® War
  • Exploring downtown Nashville and struck terror into the hearts of Elvis fans worldwide
  • Discovering that White Castle and Krystal have several differences (and the similarity of indigestion)
  • Sketching, sketching, and sketching some more
  • Visiting the Nashville Wal-Mart and struck terror into the hearts of the night stock crew
  • Learning that some of the most unlikely superpowers can have the most far-reaching effects
  • ... and much more that will undoubtedly show up in the cookout forum thread